Bobst SPanthera 145 PER, 2005

Power Register, microsystem, quick lock in cutting chase, central quick locking pull-out frame, 1 lower pull out frame, 1 lower stripping equipment, automatic quick locking device for the upper tool in the upper quick locking device integrated in the machine, quick lock in separation station, additional CBE control panel, additional multidirectional lateral blower, reinforced transport equipment, full sheet delivery system, chase changer.


Location :
DGT factory in The Netherlands
Availability :
January 2021
Max. sheet size :
145 x 105 cm
Min. sheet size :
58 x 45 cm
Paper :
80 g/m2
Solid board :
up to 2000 g/ m2
Corrugated board :
up to 5 mm
Speed :
7500 sheets/hour
Cutting force :
Max. 600 T
Approx. total weight :
52 T

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