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Machinery for the carton converting industry

About DGT Dutch Graphic Trade

A leading company of worldwide purchase, rebuilding and selling

For many years, DGT has been one of the leading companies specialized in the worldwide purchase, rebuilding and selling of pre-owned machinery for the carton converting industry. And it continues to enjoy that strong leadership position today, especially in the areas of die cutting, folder-gluing machines and printing presses manufactured by Bobst, KBA, MAN Roland and Heidelberg (Jagenberg).
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Before moving a machine from one plant to the other. We will inspect the machine and make an in depth report on it’s current status. The customer will now know the quality of the equipment and can decide to have it serviced by DGT before commissioning the machine at it’s new location.

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Correct dismantling and installation is critical to maximising reliability and minimising life-cycle costs. Every detail matters: from the assembly of the machine to its electrical connection. At the end of the installation, we test-run the machine to ensure that all is correct and safe for use.

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