DGT Midas: a compact, high quality gloss foil unit

Midas: a brand new machine that produces top quality gloss foil in line with any existing or new sheet offset press. The Midas is designed and manufactured by Vinfoil, and is a light version of the market proven Vinfoil Infigo SF 110, the preferred model for offset gloss foil across the globe. The Midas was developed specifically for packaging printers that want to offer high quality gloss foil applications.

Foil cores up to 16.000 running meters
Its compact design – with the unwind and rewind foil cores horizontally positioned on top – is very practical for use in buildings with a limited roof height, and on top of this the access between the printing towers is optimal. But despite its modest size, Midas can handle foil cores up to 16.000 running meters, reaching impressive machine speed of 16.000 sheets per hour.

Easy to handle lightweigtht multi – reel shafts
Midas was developed with easy handling in mind: the foil shaft chucks are operated by remote control for easy and quick loading and unloading of the foil cores. An optional intelligent loading and unloading system makes foil reel handling very easy indeed. Instead of heavy, expensive shafts, the new lightweight multi – reel shafts are easy to handle.

Highlights DGT Midas 110

  • Foil cores till 16.000 running meters can be used (single roll)
  • Very low building high (1,50 meter above Printing or Varnish tower)
  • Excess between the printing towers are optimal
  • No heavy multi reals shafts
  • No catwalks necessary
  • Remote closing and opening of the chucks
  • ALUS Automatic Loading – Unloading System
  • Speed of up to 16.000 sheets/hour is achievable (depending on printing press, paper/carton, foil, adhesive and blankets)
  • Because of the use of high tech Bosch Rexroth motion control systems with torque control, no dancers are necessary. So the foil is not damaged, therefore a very good printing result and no dust on the printing tower
  • Diameter detecting for quick start up and signals for feeder stop at empty foil core
  • Excess between the printing towers are optimal
  • Thickness of the foil core can be adjusted -> Optimal foil use
  • Foil brake detection
  • Standard Multi real
Ongoing confidence in carton converting machinery
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